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Consign With Us

Consign With Us in 4 Easy Steps!

Consign with Mountain Kid Co. in 4 easy steps. Let's do some good! You are putting MONEY back in your pocket, saving carbon emissions by re-purposing gently used clothing, and helping your neighbor by providing an affordable way to shop! Let's help keep this Earth healthy and beautiful for our children and their children to come.

1. Inspect:

Inspect all clothing, footwear & accessories in bright light. Anything with rips, tears, stains, pilling, pet hair or odor will not be accepted. Items must be in like new or excellent, clean condition. We accept a MINIMUM of 10 items up to a MAXIMUM of 50 per drop off appointment.

2. Schedule a PICK-UP or DROP-OFF appointment:

Mountain Kid Co. will PICK UP your items OR you can DROP OFF by appointment. Due to Covid-19 this will be a contact-less procedure and all covid protocol will be followed, such as 6 feet apart and our Staff will be masked. To schedule an appointment you can BOOK ONLINE or reach us by email us at or alternatively you can message the Mountain Kid Co. Facebook page.

*If you choose the Drop off option, address details will be given when you arrange an appointment. Your items can be folded neatly in a bag or box. No hangers please.

3. Earn Money:

Your items will be inspected and priced. Please give us 14 days to process them and add them to the Mountain Kid Co. website. If any of your consignment pieces are deemed not sell-able they will be automatically donated. So please check your items closely.

When an item sells, it is a 40/60 split. The consignor receives 40% of the selling price.

Mountain Kid Co. will sell online through our website We also may sell at temporary pop-up shops and events. Your consignment items will be kept by Mountain Kid Co. to sell for up to 4 months. At the end of your consignment term, if there are unsold items you can have them returned or donated upon your request. We will email you to make arrangements at the end of your consignment term.

*Items will not be returned prior to the end of your consignment term. Due the amount of work that is involved with pricing and loading them onto the website.

 4. Collect Your Money:

You can use your earnings to shop on the Mountain Kid Co website OR you can collect your earnings at the end of your consignment term by cheque. You may ask us at any time if any of your items have sold. We will NOT notify you when items sell individually, only at the end of your consignment term. So feel free to keep in touch and we will be happy to let you know at any time.



What kind of items do we take?

     We accept brand new, and excellent used children’s clothing, accessories and footwear. Items must be in excellent condition, freshly laundered, folded, in bags or boxes.

    Does clothing need to be in season?

      Clothing usually sells better when in season. But exceptions will be made as families often like to plan children's wardrobes prior to the season starting. Please ask us if you need clarification on this.

      Does clothing need to have labels attached?

        We like to have clothing with tags as it's good for sizing and brand information. We won’t accept items without a label, unless it is handmade or visibly good quality. *This also ensures we are sticking with our accepted brands.

            Are there brands you don't take?

              Brands we DO NOT take: George (Walmart brand). *We reserve the right to change this at any time.

              Thank you for consigning with Mountain Kid Co.